Mechelle - Waterfall Siren

Its been awhile since I've posted on here.... Life takes me in many different directions..and my photography work takes many me in many different directions as well. Interestingly.. one of my good friends Mechelle had been talking about doing a waterfall shoot, so I indulged her.... A year ago... yes... a year ago nearly to the day. The shoot yielded many great photos... but one in particular got my attention and I edited it and posted it on my facebook page last year... I sent all of the proofs on to Mechelle 370 of them to be exact, and then set them aside.. and never really took a seriously look at them again. I don't remember if Mechelle was going to send me a list.. or what happened... but they simply got set aside, and I moved on to other distractions.

I was hanging out with a friend last week, and I was sifting through some of my Albums online.. showing her some of the work that I have done, and I came across Mechelle's. As I was flitting through the photos trying to find "THE" shot... we stumbled across many that were really really good.. and I realized that I had never really come back and touched these again. So I vowed to do so....

This is a beautiful set of photos... I've pulled out 17 really good ones.. that I love, and have retouched them to beautiful creations.. Mechelle is not a model.. or at least she claims to not be a model. She's not perfect... (who is?) but she doesn't realize the amazing and beautiful qualities she has. She has a sense of pose like most women do not have, and she follows direction really well. She is adventurous.. she climbed further up this waterfall than anyone else ever has despite my pleadings for her to not get hurt... To me... she's much more than a model... she is a friend. Thank you Mechelle for creating these beautiful photos with me.. and for so patiently waiting for them. <3

I may not update my blog frequently... but I post now and then.. I hope you enjoy my creations.. please feel free to leave feedback for us.. but please only positive feedback for my models.. rude comments will be moderated..

Click here to view the rest of the photos from this set...

It's time to re-awaken the beast....

I've been through some ups and downs over the years, I've tried using my photography as a an artistic outlet, gained some skills, and tried to apply those skills to a more commercial market by shooting with clients. So many people told me... Michael... when you do it for a living you'll come to hate your job... and its true.

I sold myself too cheap... I've given myself away to people I didn't feel inspired to shoot... people who did not deserve my time... and I lost my creative feel.

I've stepped back for awhile... just to get my bearings... and I think I'm ready to dive back in. I've got some creative juices flowing again, and a team of people ready to help me accomplish it... now... I've just got to find the time. Between family life, work life, a busy social life... and a kickass podcast that we're having a lot of fun with... I want to get some photo work going again... I've just got to find the time. Perhaps it will be good for me to take a slow and steady approach this time.... and this time... NO is an acceptable answer... I'm giving myself the freedom to say NO.... its nothing personal... just... If I'm not feeling it.. I shouldn't do it... there's too much at stake. So.... I've got this project thats brewing... if you've worked with me before... I may be contacting you to see if you're interested... if you haven't worked with me before and would like to. Please contact me... but be prepared to inspire me... or you're likely to get a no. This is primarily back to something I do as a creative outlet.

I'll still shoot with clients who are willing to pay my rate. It's steep... but the experience is worth it...

So.... time to explain the image....

We had some power blips last week during the storms... and apparently one took out my photo drive. About 70 percent of my best works are backed up online, so its not a major concern... but there are about 50,000 seconds on that drive that I stand to lose if I can't recover it... WAY too many to try to maintain any kind of effective or worthwhile back up.... I'm looking at this as sort of fate causing me to purge out the shit... and focus on the good stuff.

Then today... out of the blue... I had access to the drive again. So I immediately set to start backing up photos... such a hard decision trying to decide which model's photos had greater priority to me... I managed to get several thousand of them backed up before the drive winked out again... perhaps this time for good.... think I'll unplug it for a few days and see if it comes back... if not... I'm confident I've gotten most of those I truly wanted.

One of the models whose photos I was able to salvage was Dartania... Dartania is a wonderful person... she came to us when she was quite young... late teens early twenties. She was a lively spirit. She had a crazy bright fuscia pink mohawk... but she was fun, and exuberant and had an air about her that made me feel like I just had to get her in front of my camera.

I convinced her one day to come and do a Trash the Dress shoot for my camera club, and we had an absolute ball... she had an intensity about her, that was perfect for the shoot.. I'm pretty sure we shot all day while she rode my friends quads through the mud.. we all went home muddy, and wet... but happy.. with thousands of photos on our cards ready for some editing magic. We got some great stuff... I have a few photos in my best works album from that shoot.

Then... Dartania disappeared for about a year and a half... and suddenly reappeared... the bright pink fuscia mohawk was gone, along with the young alternative girl, and in her place a blossoming young woman was emerging. I was instantly intrigued by her beauty that I had not noticed before. She has a face that seems made for the camera, and as we shot more, and she grew more confident in her body. She even began to model nude... together we discovered that you can photograph an imperfect body perfectly... and we've made some truly beautiful photos.... some of her photos are my favorites... but I might be biased. Dartania and I have a great connection as a model/photographer that extends to a wonderful friendship... almost like family. We can go for months without talking to each other... and then pick up like it was only a day.

In fact... I spoke to her today... well... texted... but still. Again.. it was like there wasn't 200 miles between us, or like it had been 6 months since we last spoke... and.... we're talking about shooting again... I'm sure you'll see more of her on here soon!

Bedazzle Project

One of my favorites from my Bedazzled project. I challenged each of my models to put together a makeup and jewel concept that incorporated my sexy style along with their own personal creativity ... these are the resulting images. I'm excited for this project and eager to do similar work in the future.

The entire collection can be viewed and purchased in the Bedazzled Image Gallery.


Autumn Heather - Peacock

After a month and a half.. I decided it was time to get back behind the camera again.... Autumn Heather came over with some creative thoughts.... perhaps we can coax her out from behind this feather?


AJ - Artistic Nude

Here's one of my most favorite images from my most recent shoot with AJ. I love her soft curves, and how the light plays on her soft skin. Beautiful accentuation of her curves with just a hint of sexual tone.. but perhaps my favorite part of this image is how the light defines the outline of her face. A truly enjoyable image and one that I am grateful to have in Artistic Nudes best works album.