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MJDigitalArt is the creative work of Michael James Norris. Founded in 2005, through MJDigitalArt Michael has explored his work with Glamour and Artistic Nude photography using a wide variety of Models and Friends. This site is the online presence of that work, and it will contain most of it. There is much to see here as well as other places on the interwebs that is free for you to view, but there is also hidden content that will only be viewable to a limited audience. Michael's more intimate photos will be reserved for those who support his work on this site. If you love his work, you are encouraged to support the site by subscribing, new content is added frequently, and his work constantly evolves.  

This site consists of a blog where Michael will be checking in with his fans, posting new content, and highlighting some of his favorite works, as well as discussing upcoming workshops. There is also a full gallery available to subscribers where viewers can view "the rest of the photos". There is also a a store available for viewers to purchase prints and other products of their favorite images. Note that profit on sales is shared with the models so the products you buy help support the models as well!! There is also a section of the site where you will find upcoming workshops, socials, and meet and greets. Michael often works with small groups of photographers in his studio to help them learn the intricacies of working with studio lighting, but also in how to interact with a model. He also holds workflow workshops on his processes in Lightroom and Photoshop. For the non photog fans, Michael holds socials and meet and greets where fans have opportunities to meet with him and the ladies he works with as well as other support staff... come on out to one of our events sometime, and learn all there is that goes into putting work like this together... its a great group of people.. come and show your appreciation!

Michael's journey toward becoming the photographer he is today has been a rocky one. He has endured through many struggles. Somewhere along the way he discovered his passion, and his mission, and that discovery still evolves today. MJDigitalArt is will track the history of the outcome of that discovery.

It is fair to warn you... sometimes the images you will see here will be graphic, they will contain content that may be shocking to some. In the endeavor to find images that communicate to the viewer.. sometimes we go through uncomfortable places. It's important to note that if images that are graphic in nature, contain nudity, or sexual content offend you, or if you under that age of 18, you are encouraged to leave this site immediately. By staying you are accepting that you may be subject to such images and that you are of legal age to view them.

Likewise it is important to note, Michael only works with models that are over the age of 18. All models depicted on this website were over the age of 18 when the images were created. Age verification documents are on file on all models. 

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