Studio Photography Workshops

Work side by side with one of the best glamour photographers in the Pacific Northwest.  You need only bring your DSLR camera equipped with a standard Hotshoe, and we will provide the equipment, studio or location, model, paperwork... everything you need. This is a great opportunity for an up and coming photographer to learn the ins and outs of working with models, and an opportunity to gain some contacts in a stress free, pressure free environment. Perhaps you're a great photographer, just a bit unfamiliar with studio lighting? These workshops will give you an opportunity to learn studio lighting techniques so that you can make informed decisions about the kinds of equipment you need. Let us take the mystery out of studio lighting for you, all while engaged in photo shoots that are fun and creative. 
Our workshops will also give you an opportunity to network with some of the local professional talent, and fellow photographers. Studio workshops will be held in our 700 square foot studio space. We'll help you learn how to get great photos while working on a budget...
Check the synopsis of each workshop because each may have a different study focus. 

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